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Let’s talk about Failure

We all have them, we all hate them, failures. I had a huge failure on October 7, 2018, the Chicago Marathon, my biggest race of the year. I must admit, many actions contributed to this failure, some my own choices and some happenstance, but either way I set my self-up...

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Why I coach high School Tennis

This week started my 4th year coaching high school tennis. I never played tennis in high school; tennis was for the rich kids who had taken lessons their whole lives. In high school, I would watch the tennis players with their white clothes as if they were rock stars....

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What I came home with from the National Senior Games

I just finished the 30th National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama competing in tennis and road racing. Such an amazing experience watching and competing with over 10,000 athletes from the ages of 50-104. Watching a 97-year-old man finish the 5k in humid hot...

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How a Catholic Priest Changed my Outlook on Life

We can’t choose our families. I was born into a rough family by any measure and this was the basis for my personality, slightly rough and abrupt. I had a drunken father who couldn’t keep a job and who was violent after drinking Lucky Lager beer. (I loved the puzzles...

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How I get people to WANT to Run or Walk a 5K

Everyone sees them on the weekends, those crazy 100s or 1000s of runners who close off your streets and make you wait impatiently in your car holding up traffic. I know your first thought, “get out of my way, I have somewhere to go,” then your second thought, “how...

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Let’s Talk About Pain

Anything in pain that I need to know about?” I found myself saying to a client I hadn’t seen in a week who does extreme things and tweaks shoulders, her back, and other things. “Well I have this tiny twinge in my back from moving a box this weekend.” I watch her move...

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Why is he so Fat??

“He is so fat, it is disgusting. Why can’t he just stop putting food in his mouth?” “Have you seen how much weight she gained after her pregnancy? Did she just give up?” “I think my Mother-in-Law must be a closet eater, I mean how does someone get to be that size?”...

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The Realities of Obesity

We see obese people every day, and most of us stare and criticize. Reality TV has made obesity an amusement for us to watch as in My 600lb Life, The Biggest Loser, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, etc. But obesity is lots of things and amusing isn’t one of them. Comments I...

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