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Stay at home mother of three that can now do chin ups and loves feeling strong for the first time in her life.

A 56 year old woman down 20 lbs and a 17 year old teenager down 15 lbs run their first 5k and had a blast beating over 5 people in their age groups. Love taking clients to their first races where they can meet and feel people being excited about being healthy.

87 year old in an assisted living environment,. Had been 95% of the time in a wheelchair, now can walk on a walker with increased upper body strength which has made him mentally happier.

51 year old male runs his first 1/2 marathon in 2:30 minutes after 5 months of training successfully without injury

Down 40lbs since pregnancy working hard to get down more!!

Had very lose knees and elbows when we started, she felt she could never gain muscle or participate in athletic sports. Has gained 10lbs and now plays in a Softball League every week.



Vanessa is amazing! I’ve never had a personal trainer so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I needed someone to hold me accountable and push me. When I found her through a google search and researched her business model, I felt it would be the perfect fit for me. She comes to my house, she doesn’t make me work out in a gym, and she knows her stuff. I explained to her over the phone that I wanted to build endurance and get in shape for an adventure trip I booked. She showed up and immediately started telling me the areas she could tell (just by watching me standing) that I was feeling pain and needed to correct/strengthen. It was frightening how correct she was. I’ve had 3 sessions with her so far and she works me relentlessly, but in a good way. I look forward to a very long, life-changing workout journey with her.


OCTOBER 3, 2018

I started working out with Vanessa a couple of years ago, right after I got married, in hopes of getting in better shape as I was hoping to get pregnant. Little did I know how soon that would happen! I have to say that working out with Vanessa not only kept me fit and strong during my pregnancy, but I feel like I had a pretty easy labor and delivery because of how strong I was! I only took 2 weeks off after baby was born, and we picked right back up. She has always designed workouts that are made specifically for me, and every workout is new and exciting! She pushes me to be better. She is honest, encouraging, and will make you work so hard, without even noticing! I feel like Vanessa is family! I love working out with her, and moving closer to my fitness goals.*



As a 68 year old unfit man I thought I was beyond redemption but I decided to see if i could make one last effort to turn the corner. Amazingly Vanessa provided the answer. She has designed specific routines to work on my weaknesses and has pushed me to do things that I did not think possible – I am even jogging a little! She has a wicked sense of humour which often helps me to ignore the protests my body is making. She has made a real difference to the way I look at exercise and I will be eternally grateful. I cannot recommend too highly.*


JANUARY 20, 2017

I’ve been working with Vanessa only a few weeks and already see the benefit. Our focus is on getting my body into alignment so I’m not re-injuring while at the same time pushing it further to build-up my strength. She doesn’t waste time – get’s right the workout knowing just how to push. And, she’s personable and supportive. As for nutrition, we’re starting with my reframing my mindset instead of food intake. Important reframing for me! She’s a gem!This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.*


JANUARY 30, 2018

Vanessa is awesome. I really like the fact that she comes to my house as I have now no excuses not to exercise. She has the right balance of being a good motivator and being able to push me out of my comfort zone. Vanessa was able to identify problem areas immediately and developed a plan to address them. She has a great personality and a very positive attitude. I highly recommend her.*


JANUARY 19, 2017

Vanessa took on the difficult job of rehabilitating a 65 year old family member after a hospital stay. She assessed her very well, gave her clear directions, provided instructions to us regarding support materials, and kept her on task and encouraged. Also, she is very reasonably priced. We highly recommend Vanessa!*


AUGUST 2, 2016

*Disclaimer: Results May Vary From Person To Person.